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Professor X

Codename: Professor X
Full Name: Charles Francis Xavier
Mutant Powers: Possesses the most powerful telepathic mind in the world

Charles Xavier was born into the Great Depression years of 1929-33. Son of a nuclear technician, the radiation was the cause of his mutant powers. After his father died in an accident, his mother remarried Kurt Marko, who brought with him his son from a previous marriage, Cain Marko, Charles' new abusive step-brother. Kurt Marko beat Charles' mother on a regular basis, and it was through his efforts to comfort her that Charles discovered his mutant powers. Both Marko and Charles' mother died eventually, leaving the vast Xavier fortune and the Mansion in Charles' possession.

He served in the Korean War, but during that time, his fiance Moira wrote to him to tell him that she was marrying another man. Heartbroken, he continued to fight, and afterwards began his travels around the world, during which he met and fought the Shadow King in Eygpt. During this time, he also went to Israel, where he met Erik Magnus Lensherr ( Magneto) and Gabrielle Haller. After a love-affair with Gabrielle, he again left, and his travels were ended when he suffered an attack from the alien Lucifer, which put him in his trademark wheelchair. As he healed, he was cared for by a nurse, Amelia Voght, and they became lovers. To continue his fight, he started the X-men, who then consisted of Cyclops, Iceman, the Beast and Marvel Girl ( codename later changed to Jean Grey). Amelia left him soon after the formation of the X-men, and Xavier thereafter devoted himself to his students.

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