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"What was that you said? 'Any dream worth having...' "
" ' a dream worth fighting for.' "
"Ha! Fine and noble words, my friend! Someday, I'll carve them on your tombstone..."
- Magneto and Xavier

This is no ordinary X-site, for those who have gone around surfing the net for sites before. The main difference: this isn't going to be a fan site, and it isn't the usual fan-fic site with the large databases and all.

Let me explain what this is all about...

This page started out as school project I had this year. The idea was to write a novel in episodic form and put it on the net for all to read. Well, now that the project has ended, I've decided to continue with this novel... if only to see it end properly.

The story hasn't ended yet, for those who are curious to know. And though I've changed the feedback form to a guestbook, it's still possible to contribute your ideas by writing them in the guestbook ( it can be marked private if you wish for myself to see it alone). The story is still in the works, so new ideas are welcome from anyone, and can be incorporated into the plot.

So I'm changing my usual plea. I used to plead for everyone to give me constuctive feedback, but all I ask for now is for everyone to just fill in the guestbook, so that that I can get to know everyone who comes to my site. Plus, those who want updates on the site ( like whether any new episodes are up), please join the mailing list below. It's a new service I've added, and I'm hoping that it'll work.

In the end, this is a piece of fan fiction for those who would like to see the work materialise before them slowly, and I hope that those who are reading this consistently will be happy with the result when it is complete.

Let's start the journey, shall we?

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The characters used on this page and in the following novel are the property of Marvel comics, and any use of this for profit would be both immoral and illegal. This page, and the story are for pure entertainment purposes only.

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