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Full Name: Robert "Bobby" Drake
Mutant Powers: Ability to freeze the water in the air and shape the ice into different forms.

Iceman was always the joker, the class clown among the X-men, especially as a member of the original Five. After the New X-men rescued the original X-men from the mutant island Krakoa, Iceman and the other original X-men left the group. And after some time with the Champions ( founded by Angel, one of the other original X-men), he disappeared from the mutant scene for some time.

He rejoined the X-men when Jean Grey did. After a while, he began to display more and more of his powers, and also more of his past was revealed. For example, his father was a man filled with prejudice and hatred for people he thought of as abnormal, such as black people, orientals, or people from other religions and cultures. Of course, it included mutants as well.

As time passed, Robert began to show a bigger controll over the shapes and forms of his created ice-objects. But the biggest change appeared after the White Queen took over Drake´s body. She showed that he could take bullets without dying, transform into a semi-frozen water state among other things. As he regained control of his body, Bobby started to train to use his new-found powers, realising that the prejudice his father fealt for him never actually let Robert be all that he could.

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