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It ended, when another guard burst into the room from a door behind Charles (one he hadn't noticed before) and pointed a gun at his head. Creed continued smiling as Xavier surrendered his weapon and raised his hands in the air.

" After what your friend Magneto did, I remembered to take some precautions this time." He took out a small device from his pocket, fingered the buttons on it, and dropped it back in.

The guards roughly hauled Xavier up from the floor and slammed him into the chamber, violently smashing him across the head and punching him in the chest before that.

Xavier could barely catch his breath - the blow had bruised a rib.

Creed walked up to him, triumphant.

" I was right, wasn't I?" It was a cruel thing to point out. " You just proved it. You are a coward." He whispered, with laughter in his voice.

No! It was not cowardice! I was doing... I was doing what was right! I am not a killer! I am not like you! I am doing what is right! I will not commit such a crime...

But despite the little voice that protested, Charles wondered if he had been justified in not pulling that trigger, in allowing Creed to use him once more, in allowing one more man to live, while condemning hundreds of others as well.

Is it... is it hypocrisy?

Could he refuse to kill one man with his own hand, while allowing others to die by his power?

But he was not allowed to discover the answer to his own question. Creed's voice shot through the room, echoed sinisterly.

" Vasir. Do it."

The doctor slowly, reluctantly pushed the buttons on the console.

As the now familiar pain shot through Xavier, he welcomed it, embraced it, hoping all the while that, it might drive away the guilt and shame he felt, for having failed to prevent a genocide.

And he dropped suddenly into oblivion.

To be continued...