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Location: Unknown

His cell was darkened, perhaps to mimic the time of day. He did not know if it was day or night. But he could possibly assume that it was night. He needed some other way of referring to the time instead of the vague notion of ' now'.

He realised he must be tired, to be thinking in such petty terms.

He still did not understand what had been done to him. He only remembered awaking from unconsciousness in his darkened cell, and no one had cared to explain to him what had taken place.

Xavier sighed in the darkness.

Then, the lights suddenly came on.

Blinking, and unable to adjust to the sudden change in lighting, he peered at the figure standing at his cell entrance.

" Well Xavier. I was wondering, would you like to know what's on the news today? You have caused quite another national stir again, if you'd like to know..."


" What do you mean - what are you talking about?"

" Watch the news, Xavier. And no questions."

The screen on the opposite side of the room winked on.

" ... terrible tragedy in " Mutant Alley"... doctors say they have no explanation for their condition... these mutants have been reduced to a vegetative state... there has been no precedent of such mass ' carnage' such as this... no one was spared... not children, not the elderly... investigations will proceed, but it is doubtful that they will produce any results..."

Creed turned the screen off.

" I suppose you understand now... no? Well, let me remind you of the little session we had a little earlier... ah yes, I see you understand it now... well, don't forget, we have another of those little sessions scheduled for tomorrow..."

" I hope you're looking forward to it - I know I am..."

With that, Xavier was once again plunged into darkness, and Creed left.

Oh my God... what have I unleashed unto the world?

He had always known of his full capability, of his power's potential for destruction. That was why he had never used it, but vowed to utilise it for peaceful causes. And yet... so many innocent lives had been sacrificed, had been destroyed, just from using but a fraction of his power.

It had been Creed who deployed and used Xavier's power, but that was no excuse for himself. It had been his powers that had been used.

It is my fault... it was my power that destroyed these people, not Creed's. I am responsible for their deaths... if I had fought him, if I had escaped with Magneto... if only I had... none of this would have happened.

It was I who killed those people.

The report had said that there were children numbering among the victims. Young children... their minds ripped from their bodies... their souls fading to nothing in a world where only those that laid on the physical plane could exist. Children... dying...

Tears rolled down his cheek.

Dear God... what have I done?

The darkness closed about him.

To be continued...