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Location: Washington D.C.," Mutant Alley"
Time: present time

Storm led her team through the dark alleys.

All around them, teams of doctors and nurses scuttled about, searching for mutant victims of the ' attack'. Stretchers lined the pavements, and the police had cordoned off the area.

The X-men avoided the authorities, as well as the curious crowd that had gathered at many of the road blocks. Rogue and Storm had flown them in.

They found themselves in one of the back alleys, and watchfully slipped out into the open street.

" Well, looks like no one's home."

Iceman carelessly sat himself on one of the benches along the street. The old and rotten wood, though, could not hold his weight, and he fell through it, sending up a cloud of dust and wood shavings.

" Ouch."

Jubilee giggled.

Iceman looked at himself in mock anguish, sprawled out as he was, and tangled in the bench's metal frame. He was covered in dust. " Remind me never to sit on broken benches, ever," he grimaced. " Dust and dirt doesn't become me."

Jubilee burst out into laughter, only to be silenced by a quick look from Storm.

" Be serious, Robert. We are on a mission."

" Right-ho, weather-girl." He picked himself up and brushed as much dust as he could from his body.

" Humph, looks like the ol' ice cube mussed himself up again. Serve 'im right, too."

" Don' worry, chere. Gambit'll help him clean up." Gambit moved out of the shadows of the buildings and approached Iceman.

" Stay back, Cajun. I can clean myself up." Iceman would have pouted, had he not had his pride.

" You be so sure of that, mon ami?"

" Be quiet, the two of you." Storm turned on them. " We do not want to attract unwanted attention."

" You heard her, Bobby. Shut up."

" Oh, and how about you?"

" Aww, grow up you two." Rogue shook her head and followed Storm.

They made their way down the street, when they came upon what seemed to be a church. There were people lying on the grounds, and Storm immediately halted their movements.

" We must tend to these people."

The adult members of the team quickly moved to the people's sides. Rogue knelt beside a man in a tattered black suit. Jubilee stood by, confused as to what she should be doing.

Storm, recognising her predicament, quietly addressed her. Jubilee nodded, and moved towards the street and disappeared.

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