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Footsteps sounded in the distance.

As they approached him, Charles looked up. He was surprised - or was he? - to see Dr. Lensherr coming towards him. The doctor approached him almost warily, cautiously, eyes narrowed as if in suspicion. As he neared, he saw the woman lying asleep on the ground. And though his face never changed, his eyes evidenced a measure of relief.

" I must apologise for any trouble she might have caused you. She often wanders off from her ward. We only just discovered her absence."

" Who is she?"

" She might be considered our most ' troubled' patient. She suffers from severe mental trauma following her torture at the hands of the Nazi group the Hydra."

" What is her name?" The story seemed familiar to Charles. Could it be that...?

" Her name is Gabrielle Haller."

Charles said nothing, as he turned his eyes back on the woman. This, then, was the woman he had been summoned here to treat. He remembered the reports about her case very clearly. Now he understood her nightmare.

Lensherr saw his gaze, and understood.

" I see, you are the new doctor whom we summoned for her case." He knelt down, and slowly lifted her up in his arms. " You and I shall see much of each other, then. I too, am a doctor on this case."

He looked at her face. It was a face reflecting peace, and happiness. A small smile lit her features, and she did not scream.

" Amazing. I have never seen her this peaceful before. Whatever action you took, sir, I must congratulate you for it."

" Thank you." Strange... did he sense an undercurrent of emotion under Lensherr's words? His face provided no clues, no hints as to what he truly thought or felt.

Charles watched the slumbering Gabrielle. She seemed happy, delivered from her fears, dreaming of beautiful, pleasant things.

Dream on, child... amidst all the nightmares of this world, even a single dream can make all the difference to you - and perhaps to others.

Dream on.

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