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Cyclops swept his ' eye' over the team, making a quick decision.

" We split into two teams. Storm will lead Gambit, Rogue and Iceman to investigate the ' Mutant Alley' problem. Warren, Hank and Jean will come with me to look for the Professor. All right... let's get moving."

Storm and her team members quickly left the room, while the rest remained behind to see what information Cooper had sent them.

" Uhm... Cyke?"

He turned to face her.

" Yes, Jubilee?"

" Uhh... what do I do?"

" It's too dangerous, Jubilee. You'd better not be involved."

" But I wanna do something too... I'm not a kid anymore. Let me go with you guys, please?"

He sighed. Jubilee was correct. It simply was not right to treat her as a child anymore. Then again, he did not want to endanger her...

" All right then, you can go with Storm's team."

" Yippeee! Finally, I get to do something... all right!" She rushed out of the War Room.

" But Jubilee, be - " the door shut on him.

" - Careful."

That girl... he shook his head.

Anyway, time to get to work...

The wait had ended. Time, for action.

To be continued...