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Charles was supported at both shoulders and lifted up and out of his cell. He threw a look at the busy back of Dr. Visar, bent over the main control panel of the Machine. Charles might have only seen his back, but he could read the man's uncertainty and reluctance.

The sudden binding of his wrists startled him. A helmet was roughly fixed onto his head. Immediately, his instincts told him that this was an ominous sign, and he began to struggle. Calling out to Creed, " Release me... I demand that you release me!"

Smiling smugly, Creed approached him slowly - step by step, watching every move of Charles' struggle. And loving every moment of it.

Unexpectedly, he grabbed Charles by the chin.

" I've waited for this a long time now, Xavier... you don't think I'm going to deny myself, do you?"

He must have read the anger and disgust in Charles' eyes, and he released him.

" Once you have the target, Doctor, you may start the Machine..." he turned his evil eye upon Xavier. " I want to watch you suffer, Xavier..."

"... I want to hear you scream."

And that was the last thing Charles heard from him, before he was flooded with overwhelming pain. Before he passed out, he swore that he could vaguely hear someone screaming...

And suddenly, he realised that it was himself, whose scream he could hear...

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