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With those two attacks, Magneto was free from his captors' constraints, and even without the use of his powers, he was able to free himself of them. He ran swiftly for the exit.

" Damn you, mutant!"

Creed's face was contorted in an expression of rage. Pulling out a blaster from his coat pocket, he took aim and fire at Magneto's retreating figure. His men, still recovering from the blows they had taken from Magnus, and still dizzy from them, blindly took their own blasters out and began firing wildly, like drunken men.

Their shots, not having been adequately aimed, ricocheted off the walls of the chamber, destroying some of the equipment that had been placed along the sides of the room, and barely missing the good Dr. Visar.

None of them hit their mark, though.

Lady Luck seemed to be on Magneto's side, as he ducked and dodged each of the blaster shots. In any case, those that did hit him were unfortunate enough to have struck him only on his armor, which shielded him from any harm.

" Stop it, you fools! You'll destroy the Machine!"

Creed screamed at his minions. Panic contorting his face. He himself took careful aim at the escapee, but his shot only bounced off the thick body armor of Magneto.

Before he could take another shot, Magnus had escaped the room.

" Well, what are you waiting for? Get him!"

His men, dazed and somewhat confused, took after their escaped prisoner.

When Creed finally turned back to face Charles, his face was blackened with fury. As he laid eyes on Xavier, Charles thought he saw something akin to madness flash across the man's face. His eyes, were large and wild - surely a sign of insanity.

But his voice sounded sane enough.

" Since your fellow mutant seems to have escaped for the moment, it looks like we'll have to use you first..."He was interrupted by a stammering and obviously frightened Dr. Visar.

" B-b-but sir, w-wouldn't it be better to wait to use Magneto first? The telepathic integrator hasn't been fully tested as of yet, and..."

" No ' buts', Doctor. Remember, there's no turning back."

A resigned sigh of, " Yes, Mr. Creed sir," was the rejoinder, after a moment's pause.

... Telepathic integrator? The situation was beginning to become more and more complicated. He knew now, that Creed had discovered that he possessed telepathic abilities. But then again, there still was no indication of how he discovered that fact in the first place. And, in the first place, why would they require a telepathic integration in the first place?

This makes no sense...

A door opening interrupted his thoughts, as the two men who had chased after Magneto returned... without their prisoner.

Creed's face grew stone hard. Had he been a statue, he would most certainly have cracked.

" He got away...?"

It was hardly a question that demanded an answer, considering its rhetoric nature. The men shuffled their feet, and looked genuinely shamed.

" We don't know how he did it, sir. He just..."

" Excuses, excuses!" Creed exploded. " How do I trust you goons to do anything right?"

Wisely, they decided not to answer that question.

" Never mind, he won't bother us any more, anyway. Now," he pointed his finger at Charles. " Get him out of there and to the integrator."

With mumbles of " Yessir," and " Right away, sir," they did just that.

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