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" Stop it, both of you..." Storm interrupted them. " You are acting like children."

They were, were they not? Cyclops suddenly was shamed. He was the leader. He could not afford to be childish. A Leader had to be calm, collected, and wise... not hot-headed and childish. By that criteria, Scott Summers was no born leader.

He wished that he did not have to bear the responsibility of the team on his shoulders. He was too young to lead... he had once argued. But the Professor had disagreed.

Your youth has nothing to do with it, Cyclops. What matters, is that of all the members on this team, I trust you to lead them the way they should go. You will learn.

He was still learning, after all these years.

He would not fight. But that did not mean that he felt any less anger and hostility towards Wolverine. That man was intolerable.

But Wolverine was not finished.

" You're wastin' our time, Cyke. Waitin' ain't gonna get us nowhere now. While we sit on our butts waitin' for people to tell us what happened, the Professor's in danger..." he got up from the conference table.

" I ain't gonna sit around n' waste my time here."

He turned his back to Cyclops to leave.

" And where do you think you're going?"

" The Professor," Logan whirled back on him, " needs rescuin'. And if you don't think you got the guts to do that, kid..."

" ... I'll do it for ya."

With that, he was gone.

Cyclops could feel the blaze in his cheeks. Embarrassment washed over him, bringing with it anger, frustration, questions. " Why must he go off on his own like this? Where does he think he's going?"

" To find the Professor."

" Jean!"

Jean Grey removed her connection to Cerebro. Her face was as serene and beautiful as before, but to her teammates, who knew her well, there was an element of sadness as well, which they well could not afford to ignore.

" Jean, have you located Charles?"

" No, I haven't. I cannot sense him at all, and he does not contact me. He must have lost his powers somehow, or is unconscious, or... or..." she sounded half-hysterical. A tear rolled down her face. Cyclops went over to her, and wrapped his hand over hers.

" Don't think that way."

" What about Logan?" Storm asked.

Cyclops felt his anger rising again. He's always doing this - going off on his own. He never follows orders... all right, then...

" Let him go. Let him go... we can work without him around."

Archangel shot him a strange look, but Cyclops ignored it.

They would continue to wait -

- Leader's orders.

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