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Charles Xavier came down - or rather, was carried down by two men, each supporting him by the shoulder - from the craft. From the derisive looks on his captors' faces, they did not enjoy their job. He sensed that they found it a demeaning chore.

But for now, Xavier did not care about them. His attention had been diverted to the man standing nearby, obviously awaiting them.

Graydon Creed. Of all people...

This man had, unknowingly, been one of his greatest enemies. That was as the enemy of the X-men, and as leader of the Friends of Humanity, an organisation whose main goal was to destroy mutants. As of late, it was as political adversaries, as they continuously faced each other on opposite sides of the mutant- anti- mutant debate floor.

But he did not think that Creed had gone through all this trouble just so they might conduct an intellectually stimulating discussion.

" Good afternoon, Professor. I hope you have had a pleasant trip, although we are sorry that we were unable to provide for..." he motioned towards the guards, " ... more convenient arrangements."

The smile he wore on his face announced his triumph, though Xavier was still uncertain as to what he triumphed over. " Why kidnap me, Creed? I am not influential or rich. There will be no ransom. I do not see the logic behind this."

The smile seemed to grow wider, though that would have been impossible; Creed's muscles were already stretched to their maximum. " Why? Do you need to ask why? I believe that you know the answer as well as I do, Professor. You underestimate me. Do I need money? I have all that I could ever want."

Xavier did not understand what game this man was now playing. Not knowing the rules, he would do best not to play at all, lest he endanger himself.

Graydon Creed was a dangerous man.

" Then what do you want of me?"

" Do you think me a fool, Xavier?" Creed's voice rose an octave. " Did you think you could keep your dirty little secret forever? The Friends of Humanity do not consist of fools, Xavier. We've done our research into your background... mutant."

" But we did not kill you, even though deceiving worms like you deserve it."

" Because we want your power, Xavier. We wanted your power... and now we've got it."

Without any warning, he punched Charles in the head.

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