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Graydon Creed was happy. No, not happy; even ' happy' failed to convey the malicious joy he felt at that moment.

' Ecstatic' was not enough either. But it succeeded in conveying the intensity of the emotion.

The plan had been running smoothly so far. Going like clockwork. It was extremely satisfactory. This time, nothing and no one, would stand in his way. Everything had been planned, every little detail scrutinised and worked out. There would be nothing unexpected.

He smiled. Creed liked his new tactician. The man cost a lot, but he was worth it. The plan was foolproof. It was the work of a genius; and it had worked marvellously.

But that had only been one facet. The strategy, the planning was only a part of the whole. Now, success would depend on the other half. The science of the Plan, would now take precedence over the strategy.

Should either fail, there would be no victory. And all of Creed's efforts would have been but a waste.

But it had worked so far. And there was no reason to suppose that it would not go on working.

But to go on with it, it was necessary to obtain the last crucial piece. And that last piece was landing right here, right now. The aircraft had come in smoothly, landing quietly. And as the cargo hold opened, he prepared himself to face the man who was going to make his dream come true.

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