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Location: Washington D.C.

The debate hall was packed with people.

Colonel Diaz had much difficulty in making his way to the empty seat at the far corner of the hall, near the exit.

He was bumped into.

Of course, in a crowd as large as this one was, it was difficult to tell who the guilty party was. But Diaz was sure that it had not been himself.

An angry glare and mutterings greeted him. " Damned lousy Cubans..." The offended man moved away, not caring whether he received an apology or not. Diaz did not offer one. But neither did he take offence.

The United States was a blessing to his people, who came in search of freedom - something their homeland could not offer them. For freedom, one could stand a little racism.

Besides, having grown up in this country, one got used to it after a while. He had faced worse in the Army. He stood for the insults, because love for his adopted country ran deep. You would love any country that offered you freedom. And with love, came loyalty.

Loyalty, meaning that he should protect this country at any price, from any threat. Any threat.

Today, he would combat a threat from within.

Better still, he not only served his country, but the whole of humanity. It sounded like something that bordered on the dramatic. But today, it would take place in reality, and not on those foolish soap operas that cluttered up the television channels.

It would be the Ultimate Service. And he would be the one to serve it.

The time: 12:45pm. It was still early. There was nothing to be done just yet.

There would be time for him to relax, perhaps. Not for too long, of course. Just for a while.

He sat back a little and watched the guards stand by the exit, watched the people pass in and out.

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