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You probably have noticed that this is a new section to the site, and you have Jane Li from RGS to thank for it. Her suggestion was that I put up my episodes in zip form for downloading, so as to facilitate reading and save money for all involved.

So I'd like to thank Jane for giving such a great suggestion, and well... now you have this - the new " Downloads" section, where I'll put up the old episodes in zip form for people to download.

But you see, I'm quite egoistical, so I like people to have to go through my entire site, seeing as I put a lot of work into it. So I'll not put the new episodes here for at least a week or two after it's out on the site. So those who can't wait a while longer for the downloads will still have to read through the web form.

I do hope this arrangement will be a success.

Episode 1 Download Episode 2 Download

Episode 3 Download Episode 4 Download

Episode 5 Download Episode 6 Download

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