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Codename: Cyclops
Full Name: Scott Summers
Mutant Powers: Optic blasts of intense light-beams.

Scott Summers was an early follower of Xavier's dream and a mutant that suffered all his life.As a young boy, Scott and his brother, Alex Summers, were with his parents on a plane of his dad. But then, a SHIAR ship destroyed the plane, capturing both Scottīs mother and father. Just before being kidnapped, Scottīs father, Major Christopher Summers, gave a parachute to his sons and dropped them out of the plane. The īchute didnīt open, and Scott first manifested his mutant powers, as he used his optic blasts to slow down the fall. The boys were found in a forest, sleeping. Alex was adopted by a family, but Scott was sent to an orphanage, that was owned by Nathaniel Essex, a.k.a. Mr. Sinister. Sinister discovered the genetical potencial that lied within Scott, and began to make experiments on him. Many years later, Charles Xavier found Scott by using Cerebro, and took him away from the orphanage. Before he left, Sinister took away Scott's memories of his time there.

Cyclops was a member of the original five X-men, and there he fell in love with another teammate, Marvel Girl, or Jean Grey. Eventually, he met his brother, Alex, who now went by the name of Havok, and later his father, who now called himself Cosair and was leader of an alien vessel that fought in space.

The rest of Cyclop's (Wolverine sometimes calls him 'Slim' to irritate him) life is too complicated to be written here. It involves many alternative timelines that overlap with his life, such as his daughter from an alternative timeline who came to this timeline and took his son from the present into the future to care for him... and how that son came back as a man older than Scott himself to destroy his clone... sounds complicated, right? Don't worry. Hopefully we won't need all this information in order to understand his character. I shall attempt not to make too many references to his complicated history in the story.

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