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" Finally..." is the word that will be on many people's lips when they finally see this section. One problem which plagued me during the course of writing this novel was that there were also people unfamiliar with the X-men reading my novel, and lots of complaints came in about how people got lost trying to figure out if " the Beast" was the same person as " Henry McCoy" and " Hank" and so on. I've tried my best to be clearer when writing, but I can only do so much with my limited skills.

So, to appease the lost and confused mind, I shall be listing all my characters here, on this page. It will include their confusing aliases as well as some short biographies to give you a clue of who the character is. But I do not think that a complete and extensive biography is needed, since you, my reader, are here to read a novel, and not the character bios. Details and more of their background will be revealed in the novel itself if necessary. So this is only meant as an appetiser.

I encourage those who are unfamiliar with the X-men to take a look at some of these, especially those of the main characters, such as Professor X, Magneto and Graydon Creed. But I'll be soing this slowly though, since it is hard work trying to create bios of all the characters who have appeared in the story so far. In the end, they'll all be here, but it will take time, so please, be patient.

Character List

Professor X

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